04/20/2011 Inhouse Intro Tourney

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04/20/2011 Inhouse Intro Tourney Empty 04/20/2011 Inhouse Intro Tourney

Post  Griffin on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:33 pm

Tournament finished and here is the whole overview and results.

14 player 1 loss Elimination Tournament
Best of 3 Finals

Round 1

Group A: Commander vs Point. W = Point
Group B: Flappy vs Mileshigh. W = Flappy
Group C: Baloo vs Anthony. W = Baloo
Group D: Choasslime vs Crow. W = Choasslime
Group E: Squiggles vs Jamer. W = Squiggles
Group F: Bill vs Ballz. W = Bill
Group G: Pizzabagels vs Yukimochi. W = Pizzabagels

Round 2

Group AB: Point vs Flappy. W = Point
Group CD: Baloo vs Choasslime. W = Choasslime
Group EF: Squiggles vs Bill. W = Bill
Group G: Pizzabagels. Automatic Carryover.

Round 3

Group ABCD: Point vs Choasslime. W = Choasslime
Group EFG: Bill vs Pizzabagels. W = Pizzabagels


Choasslime vs Pizzabagels.

Winner = Pizzabagels
Runner Up = Choasslime


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